Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's official - the globe is warmer.

Not because the statistics, data, science, pundits and everyday experience says it is, but because, in the summer of 2010, I bought an air conditioner. I who at 60 years of age have resisted this for so long. And because, like many others I have stopped living in denial.
The thing is, my apartment seems to concentrate the heat, making it much hotter than outside. Could I have moved to another apartment? I moved two years ago. How about another country? Continent? Done that.
I started off in South Africa and left 3 times, when things got too "hot". In Lesotho long ago, my father, also a frugal man, held off on buying a refrigerator as long as he could. I am in icy Canada now, where the park is melting. I work in health-care where the wisdom is - "stay cool". So now I own something I always thought I could do without. The air conditioner box says it is Energy Star, and that the refrigerant is Eco-Freindly. Does that make it OK?
So here we are, admitting defeat, selling out, compromising and swapping the principle of conservation for the practise of not boiling alive. In my way I have tried and tried not to reach this point. Oh well. Maybe a miracle will occur and folks will see the wood from the trees and the light from the heat.
But the worst part is I bought the air conditioner on credit from - would you believe it - Future Shop.
First published at as It's Official: the Globe is Warmer (According to Me)
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