Sunday, October 21, 2012

Governor Fossil vs. President AWOL?

The Worldwatch Institute has posted a remarkably frank article by Christopher Flavin, with the provocative title: Debating Energy: Governor Fossil vs. President AWOL.

For anyone who has been watching the US Presidential debates and waiting in vain for signs that at least one of them cares about the future, survival and all that stuff, this article shows that there has been change, and reason for hope. It is worth a read. If you don't have time, at least look at the pictures:

US Carbon dioxide emissions, 2000-2012
US imports of crude oil, 2000-2012 
US wind capacity, 2000-2012

As Flavin says: "If President Obama is able to overcome the damage done by his lackluster debate performance, he may have the chance to solidify the energy transformation he started in his first term: replacing America’s dependence on the dirtiest fossil fuels and building an efficient economy powered by clean, renewable resources. The President’s first step should be to acknowledge the energy successes he’s already achieved—and to present a compelling vision that matches his policy record"

If you do have the time, read the article.